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TK Turning Mandrel 14'' Threaded

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TK Mandrel 14'' Threaded
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 Threaded "TK" Turning Mandrels

Backlash Tools Threaded TK Mandrels.

These are great for your wood grip project or any projects that don't have a snug fit and need to be able to tighten things up to turn on the lathe. The Threaded TK Mandrels comes in four sizes 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2. They can be purchased individually or in the set of all four.

These mandrels are 14” long with a shallow shoulder cut 1” long at one end and will accept a 60 degree live center at the threaded end. Each mandrel is made using hardened steel. The 1” long shallow shoulder will butt up against the chuck jaw face and prevent the mandrel from slipping through the chuck and loosening when pressure is applied from the tail stock.

The Threaded TK Mandrels has a small taper on the threaded end and the threads have also been polish so your grip project is easy to install and remove on the mandrel.

The Threaded TK Mandrels come with all the hardware needed to mount your grip project: a two piece collar stop with Allen wrench, two brass bushings and two jam nuts to safely lock your work.